The Nikolaj family first appeared in Škofja Loka in the mid-14th century. It is thought the family came from one of the families of the Loka knights

Nikolaj was the custodian of Loka, probably from 1349 to 1367. The custodian was the bishop’s chief officer, also called the chief or his deputy. In addition to being in charge of urban facilities, he was also in charge of employees, took care of forests, hunting and fishing, and he was also a judge in the rural areas of Loka. The townspeople had their own town judge and city council.

Sons Janž and Štefan

Nikolaj had two sons, Janž and Štefan. Štefan worked as governor of the Old Castle – a kind of manager of the castle – whose role also included ensuring the defence of the town and its surroundings.  

In old records dating from 1396-1398 Janž is mentioned as the Loka judge. He was named by the landlord and solved disputes in the town and in rural areas. His first jurisdiction was as Loka’s custodian, followed by that of Loka judge and finally as a bishop of Freising. The nobility and the clergy were exempted from the competencies of the city magistrate. As a city executive, the judge was entrusted with the city administration; the judge was a confidant of the landed gentry, who gave him various benefits such as rent, some tithes, a deputy or a part of the money from a granary, where natural benefits were collected mainly in nutritional goods.

The family disappears

Janž and Štefan acquired numerous buildings and estates in Škofja Loka and the surroundings from the feudal estate of the Bishops of Freising and became quite wealthy. Through their heirs, the properties were fragmented until the end of the 15th century when the Nikolaj family of Loka disappeared without trace.