General terms and conditions

  • By purchasing participation in the ‘Escape Town’ game, participants confirm that they are familiar with, and agree to, the General Terms and Conditions of the game. The General Terms and Conditions are published on the website and refer to taking part in ‘Escape Town’ in Škofja Loka and Železniki.
  • Participants take part in ‘Escape Town’ at their own risk.
  • The game is suitable for 2 – 6 participants. It does not require any undue physical exertion; therefore, no particular physical fitness is required.
  • The game mostly takes place outdoors – in the town and its surroundings – therefore participants must ensure their own safety when crossing roads, etc. Participants must use public areas only and must not stray onto private property, other than where there is a specific instruction to do so in the game.
  • During the game participants must leave all implements/props in the location where they are found. At the end of the game participants must return all implements/props that they received at the start of the game.
  • Participants must judge for themselves based on the weather conditions whether to take part in the game. Refunds due to changes in the weather are not possible.
  • Participants under the age of 15 may only participate in the game when accompanied by an adult.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, i.e. those displaying signs that they could harm themselves or others, are not permitted to participate in the game.
  • During the game participants are not permitted to possess or use any objects that could cause harm to themselves or others or cause damage along the route of the ‘Escape Town’ game.
  • The game is of a non-competitive nature; common sense and logical thinking is all that is required, there are no physical challenges involved. Participants take responsibility for any intentional damage, i.e. they must reimburse the costs of any repairs to the game’s organisers.
  • It is not possible to return entrance tickets or to receive a refund less than 24 hours prior to the pre-arranged time. Refunds are not given in cases where participants are not present at the start of the game at the pre-arranged time.
  • Changes of pre-arranged/reserved times of play are only available by written agreement (email) at least 24 hours prior to the agreed time.
  • Participants may finish the game prior to the end or leave of their own choice whenever they want. In such cases, refunds are not given.
  • If play is stopped due to unforeseen circumstances (higher forces or a third party), playing time is stopped. Participants may then choose whether or not to resume play. In cases where participants choose not to continue, a part-refund will be given.
  • Participants are obliged not to disclose information about the game to others.
  • By entering the website participants confirm that they are aware of and agree to be bound by the terms of use.
  • The providers of the ‘Escape Town’ game – Zadruga Lokatur and Javni zavod Ratitovec (hereinafter: The Lokatur Co-operative and the Ratitovec Public Institute) – are obliged to protect the privacy of visitors to the ‘Escape Town’ website and users of its services.
  • As managers of the data, the Lokatur Co-operative and the Ratitovec Public Institute may use the data provided by participants of the game for statistical analysis purposes and will not submit it to unauthorised persons or other organisations.

User rights regarding personal data

At any time, users can request to be informed about the personal data processed by the provider. Any questions relating to the protection of personal data on the website should be sent to: or

Information provided by users through the forms on the website or otherwise (via e-mail, telephone, etc.) is confidential and is treated in accordance with the applicable Slovenian legislation. The providers protect and prevent any misuse of users personal data. Only those authorised by the providers have access to users personal data. Users are also responsible for the protection of their personal data by ensuring the security of their username and password.

Managers of personal data

The managers of the personal data are the companies Zadruga Lokatur, z.o.o., so.p., Podlubnik 46, 4220 Škofja Loka, which is represented by its director Igor Drakulić, and Javni zavod Ratitovec, Otoki 92, 4228 Železniki, which is represented by its director Gregor Habjan. Any questions relating to the privacy and processing of personal data should be sent to or

Any disputes between the providers and users of the game are the responsibility of the Škofja Loka District Court.